2021 Fall Meeting 

OCD: Practical Management and Future Directions
Saturday, November 13, 2021 | 8:00 AM–12:30 PM


8:00 AM–8:15 AM

Case Presentation - Joshua Bess, MD-Chair of Education Committee

8:15–8:20 AM 


8:20 AM–9:20 AM

"Psychological Factors and Behavioral Treatment" 
Presented by: Travis Osborne, PhD
with 10 minute Q&A

9:20 AM–9:30 AM

Post/Pre Quiz - Break

9:30 AM–10:55 AM

"Psychopharmacology and Neurobiology"
Presented by: Evan Leibu, MD
with 10 minute Q&A

10:55 AM11:05AM

Post/Pre Quiz - Break

 11:05 AM12:35 PM

 "Interventional and Invasive Treatment Options for OCD” 
Presented by: Nicholas Trapp, MD
with 10 minute Q&A

12:35 PM 

Post-Quiz | Wrap-Up